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The Bay of Sistiana


Monfalcone is famous as the city of the so-called “Rocca” and of the shipyards. It is situated between two rivers, that is Timavo and Isonzo.

Undoubtedly, the Rocca is the symbol and the heart of the local history. This circular fort was built in the Middle Age and during the First World War it was used to reinforce the stations located there. Clear traces of military trenchees can still today be glimpsed around the fort’s base. The “Big War Park” and the paleontologic exhibition still attract many visitors. On the hills around the Rocca, Monfalcone city council together with local environmental associations has created some routes equiped for sport and relaxation as well as a deeper awareness of the local flora and fauna.

The beaches of Marina Nova and Marina Julia, once frequented exclusively by locals, have become more and more important thanks to the increasing relevance of the marine clubs Hannibal and Marina Lepanto, which play a strategic role both in national and international tourism. The growing presence of pleasure boats further develops the tourist vocation of Monfalcone’s coastline. Monfalcone’s coastline is ideal for heading down towards the lower Adriatic, Istria, Dalmatia and on to Greece. Thanks to transport connections getting more and more rapid, the number of tourists from central Europe has increased steadily for the last years. Of course, Trieste’s airport in Ronchi dei Legionari plays a crucial role in promoting tourist movements from far-away countries: as a matter of fact, the increasing number of charter flights turn out to be extremely advantagious not only for Monfalcone but also for all the mountain and sea resorts of the region. For those with a keen eye for nature, the natural reserve of Cona Isle, which extends near the mouth of the river Isonzo, is an area of great interest.

Monfalcone’s central position means that reaching larger cities within the Friuli Venezia Giulia is easy. It will take just half an hour to drive to Trieste, Udine and Gorizia. Even shorter is the way to the seaside resort of Grado or to the historical town of Aquileia - one of the most important centres in the Roman Age – whose historical findings are famous all over the world and considered as world cultural heritage by UNESCO. The nearby town of Redipuglia is renomated for Italy’s largest war memorial constitued of walking paths, trenches and caves.

Very interesting are also the Miramare Castle on the coast to Trieste, the “Giant Cave” in the Carst, i.e. the biggest touristic cave in the world, and the Postojna Caves in Slovenia near to the italian borders.

Along the state road 14 (SS14) leading from Monfalcone to Trieste it is possible to see, on the right side, near San Giovanni (Duino) the so-called “Bocche del Timavo”, i.e. the mouth of the river Timavo: the big river, which has a very long course through Slovenia, submerges in the caves of San Canziano and runs through Trieste’s Carst to reappear in San Giovanni near Duino, where the 3 branches of the river can still today be seen in a green oasis of peace and tranquillity. Going further on this way you can reach Duino, a lovely town which has spread around the old catsle, and the road junction leading to “Sistiana Mare” well-known for the so-called “Sentiero Rilke”, a pleasant footpath running 3 Km along the coast and offering a striking view to the visitors. Not far from the the town of Aurisina there stands the national temple of Monte Grisa (350 m above sea-level) dedicated to Mary Mother Queen and located in one of the most suggestive places in the Carst.

Excursions in and around the area are aimed not only at art and culture enthusiasts but also those who love food and wine specialities, as this is a famed region producing genuine foods and a wide variety of exquisite wines (which characterise the different rural areas of the region, from the so-called Collio to the famous wine road of Terrano, a red wine suiting the strong flavours of the regional cuisine).

Monfalcone also offers many shopping opportunities and during the summer the tourists will be delighted by traditional fairs, barbecues and popular dancing nights.